Why You Should Do A Maternity Milk Bath Photoshoot

Pregnancy can be a very exciting and nerve-wracking time. You’re trying to get everything ready for Baby’s arrival. Trying to eat right, and hoping you’re not going to puke afterward. But sometimes we need to remember to document the changes we are going through. Pregnancy is beautiful, and your body is doing some pretty amazing things. You should take the time to photograph these changes in a gorgeous milk bath photo shoot.

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Why You Should Plan On Doing A Maternity Milk Bath Photo Shoot


So I was really nervous before doing this photo shoot. I have never done any kind of boudoir photos before and letting some skin show terrified me. But after I did it I was so in love with how they came out. I was worried that all my imperfections would stand out. But I came to realize that these photos celebrated my pregnancy and all my body’s changes are just a natural process. Also your skin will be super soft after this bath, you might want to do it just for fun too. Remember,  you are making memories that will last a lifetime.

Because I was expecting my rainbow baby during this pregnancy, and possibly my last pregnancy I wanted to do everything I never did the first two times. I knew if I didn’t do the photo shoot then, I would always regret not having more memories of my miracle pregnancy.


How We Did It

My friend and the photographer behind Photography By Debra Jane Snyder was the lovely lady who took my personal pictures. We made a few mistakes along the way (It was a first for both of us) but now we know what to use. The other set of pictures was taken by another friend of mine Cassandra of MAV Photography, and her model Carlie Espinal.

The Milk Bath

First, we used real milk. Let me tell you why this was a bad idea lol. We filled up the bathtub with warm water (because I’d rather not be freezing cold) and when we added the cold milk some of it curdled. Maybe we should have done more investigating before jumping in.
Cassandra, on the other hand, used powdered coffee creamer and actually worked out better than real milk. So if your planning on doing this just use powdered milk or coffee creamer.

The Flowers

So we all messed up on this part too. We used fake flowers, and apparently, they don’t like to float. Even if you stick them into styrofoam balls and try to force them to float. Also, some of the fake flowers bled their colors and started turning my milk bath blue. I would recommend spending the extra money and just buy a cute bouquet of flowers.

The Outfits

I bought a cute babydoll outfit in white at Kohls. This link will take you to a similar one currently on sale at Kohls.com. Or like in one of my pictures you can wear nothing at all! My photographer happens to also be a nurse so I know she is used to seeing people naked, and that made me more comfortable.
Cassandra dressed her model in sheer pink tulle. Pick something that you are comfortable in and rock it.

I am proud of my pictures, I felt like a fierce momma and now I can always look back and see how my body was able to make a little wonderful person. I would recommend that any expecting mom to just jump in the bathtub (not really jump cause you got a baby in there) and capture some memories.

Photo credits: Photography By Debra Jane Snyder

Model: Monica Vazac  (me!)


Photographer: Cassandra, MAV Photography

Model: Carlie Espinal

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