Update 5/30 What I’m Up To

Hey, Guys!

This past month has flown by! I have to start by telling you all how bad I have felt about not posting in a while. Someone asked what I’m up to, so let me get into it and tell you whats been going on lately.

I Quit My Job

For real. I did (mostly due to childcare issues but that’s another story). Now I am a work at home mommy! I have been adjusting to this transition. While some may say “oh you’re so lucky now you just get to stay home!” that isn’t exactly all just Netflix and Chill. Even though I have spent some time catching up on a few shows. Now I’m only around my little kiddos all day. Don’t get me wrong I love my kids to death, but I’ve been getting used to not having the adult interactions I have been used to on a regular basis. Not only that but now I’m balancing working from home and still getting everything done. Work used to be a little tap out time for me, but it’s not all bad. Time used to be a huge factor in my life. Always running against the clock to hit deadlines, be at places at certain times, and keep the kids in their routine. Now I can go with the flow more and I still manage to keep the kids in their routine.

Summer Break Has Begun

One week after I left my job, my daughter finished kindergarten. Now she is at home too and I’m finding ways to keep her and my ten-month-old entertained. I’m looking into putting her into a dance academy or soccer over the summer. We got Disney passes and have been hitting the parks hard these past few weeks, in future posts we will tell you what the best things in the park are. Other places we are planning to visit are the beach, other Orlando attractions, and Legoland.

My Daughter Started Her Own YouTube Channel

She has always admired the people she sees on YouTube. Her wish for ages was to start her own, so I thought “why not” and set it up for her. She’s been more creative and listing down her next video ideas, and she is learning that it is a lot more work than it appears. I personally think it’s a great way for her to learn some computer skills and time management. Let me know in the comments below what you think of a child having their own YouTube Channel. If you would like to check it out you can find it here.  Don’t forget to stop by and subscribe to The Bad Mom Club YouTube channel while you are there. We will be posting reviews and how to videos in the next few weeks.

Future Projects

Now that things are settling down the future looks bright. We have a few more episodes of the podcast recorded and are being edited. We have a list of YouTube videos we will be filming this week. The Publix Meal Deals are coming back this week as well. Fun posts are being made and will all be coming soon. Thank you so much for following us and showing us all your support!