Why You Should Start Reading For Fun Again

With work, the kids, the house, I barely even have time for myself. So I know that it seems like a far-fetched idea that I might actually get five minutes to read. This year my resolution was to read one book a week. Yeah. It’s actually a little harder than I thought. But I am making the time and meeting my goal. Let me tell you how reading for fun again has improved my life.

reading for fun

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I have always had a love for reading. I love the way you can get lost in a story. The way some authors can get you into the mind of someone else. Don’t get me wrong, I love shows and movies as well. But there is a uniqueness to reading, that honestly, I haven’t found in any other form. I’m sure you have seen the difference when you read a book first and then see the movie. I always love the movie anyway, but I always feel that they left some element out.

Anyway, now almost a month and a half into reading for fun again I have noticed some changes.

I Have More Energy 

I sneak some reading time throughout the day. Like when the baby is napping, or before bed. I feel reenergized after 15 or 20 minutes of reading. It’s like all the stresses of the day have been able to leave my mind and I can start refreshed. I’m currently reading Feed as an ebook on my phone. So as soon as I put the baby down for a nap I pull my phone out. I usually spend 15 minutes reading. Even though I would like to spend his whole nap time reading. Then I spend the rest of his nap time cleaning. The little down time really helps get me motivated to complete my daily tasks.

My Child’s Love For Reading Has Grown

My daughter has started showing a greater interest in reading since I started reading more. She is in Kindergarten and can read on her own now. Since kids love to copy what we do I have seen an increase in her reading as well. She also wants to take more AR tests at school and get more points for reading. I’m thrilled. I never thought that it would encourage her to read even more. The best part about it is that now we set some time after the baby is put to bed to read our books together before her bedtime.

My Vocabulary Is Growing

We are never too old to learn something new. When I come across a word I am not familiar with I look it up. It’s a lot easier on my Kindle App for my phone because I can just highlight it and the definition will pop up. Every time I read a new book I start speaking like how the character of the book does. I catch myself all the time and I find it a bit funny. My guilty pleasure is using the “big words” I learn in conversations and seeing if my friends know what it means. lol Yes I know I’m a strange one.

I Feel Happier

This is probably the most important change. I just feel so much happier. Finishing a book gives me a wonderful sense of accomplishment. Depending on what the book was about, I could feel heartbroken and anxious for the next one in the series. Then, of course, that gives me something to look forward to and utter excitement when I get my hands on the next book. I see that my daughter also is happy and filled with pride when she tells me about the book she has read. I’m glad that I can share this love of reading with her.

Let me know how reading has improved your life! Comment down below. Also, check what I have read and what I want to read on my GoodReads Page. After spending so much time not reading, and simply not making time for it, I am so glad I brought it back into my life. You can start reading for fun again too! You could start your goal at maybe just 10-15 minutes a night, or a book a month, or every two weeks. The farther you get into the story you will want to keep reading and make time for it. It is so important to keep your mind active.