Grocery List and Meal Plan with Coupons 2/16-2/22

This week at Publix they are having their Viva Italia sale! It’s a great time to stock up on all your favorite Italian foods. I love this sale because this week I have lots of quick and simple meals to prepare. I love when I can get a great deal, and dinner quickly on the table.

Why You Should Start Reading For Fun Again

With work, the kids, the house, I barely even have time for myself. So I know that it seems like a far-fetched idea that I might actually get five minutes to read. This year my resolution was to read one book a week. Yeah. It’s actually a little harder than I thought. But I am making the time and meeting my goal. Let me tell you how reading for fun again has improved my life.

Couponing Grocery List and Meal Ideas Week of 2/9-2/15

This week I am focusing on Publix again since last week I actually got a lot of meals with the sale items. I try to keep my budget below $100 a week on groceries. Then once I reach that limit I use coupons to save more! I use the extra money I save for other things we might need.  Learn how you can get a weeks worth of food for almost 50% off!

Couponing Grocery List and Meal Ideas Week of 2/2-2/8

Being the first installment of our weekly grocery list we are only covering Publix. I love Publix because they have awesome BOGO’s and other surprise ways to save.

This week they have a coupon to save $10 on a $50 gas card with qualifying $50 grocery purchase. I will be taking advantage of this since it’s rare to find savings on gas. 🙂

Why You Should Do A Maternity Milk Bath Photoshoot

Pregnancy can be a very exciting and nerve-wracking time. You’re trying to get everything ready for Baby’s arrival. Trying to eat right, and hoping you’re not going to puke afterward. But sometimes we need to remember to document the changes we are going through. Pregnancy is beautiful, and your body is doing some pretty amazing things. You should take the time to photograph these changes in a gorgeous milk bath photo shoot.