My Beautiful Nautical Baby Shower

Last year was a rollercoaster of emotions for me. I was expecting our rainbow baby, which was stressful. I wasn’t sure if I would ever have another baby after this. So we thought that the baby shower would help us get excited for the arrival of our child. And we were right it did. We had so much fun, and we were shown so much love by so many! I found all my inspiration for this baby shower on Pinterest. So this is basically a Pinterest #win! (I’m not creative so I thought it would turn into a Pinterest fail!)

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After searching for different themes for a baby boy shower, I ended up choosing “Ahoy! It’s a Boy!“, (My father is from the Czech Republic and they say “Ahoy!” as Hello) which I thought was a cute way to incorporate my heritage and have a cute theme to follow.

The nautical theme is really a great one to do, there are so many little anchors, and life saver-ish things you can find at any craft store. I threw my baby shower in June of 2016. Luckily I found so many beach-themed items on sale around that time.

So without further ado, let’s get down to business! (Every time I say that a little Disney song pops into my head. You know the one. From Mulan. No… ok let’s move on)


The Diaper Cake

diaper cake diaper cake diaper cake

I was searching Pinterest and found this specific one in a picture. I fell in love. So I made it with my own little changes. And a lot of hot glue. What is more nautical than a lighthouse? Maybe a boat but that would be pretty hard with my few DIY skills.  The detail that got me was the little tea light in the top of the “lighthouse”. Since this was an evening baby shower the flickering light from the top was able to be appreciated. It didn’t take that long to make. Ok, maybe it did take a whole afternoon, and did I mention a lot of hot glue?

Check out my free printable instructions on how to make your own. Get creative and show me your own diaper cakes down in the comments below.


The Cute Details

thirst aid sink or swim message in a bottle silverwareanchorcandy

This part is where Etsy totally increased my baby shower game. All of my guests loved the printouts I got from Divine Party Design.  I printed them on 8 x 10 photo paper and put them in dollar store frames. So after my guests first walked in and saw the diaper cake and candy station, the walked up to the “Message in a Bottle” and “Sink or Swim” table.

I found the bottle with the cute writing on it, and a decorative note inside at Joann’s on sale. I used little parchment colored post-it notes that the guests could leave little messages of love, encouragement, and advice. One of my friends wrote advice to my little Tony, “Don’t get into the medical field!”. (He is an EMT and actually had a heart attack while on the job!) I think he will enjoy reading them when he is older.

The sink or swim was a fun game we played all night until the end. You would be surprised how fast people forget they can’t say, baby! I made the necklaces for the game out of twine and a pack of lifesavers candy.

The decorative anchor was also purchased at Joann’s. The glass jars with Twizzlers inside were purchased at target. It was in the section where they have things for $1-$3.

The silverware and napkins were made using another idea I found on Pinterest here. But we also added our own touch to it by adding these little paper cutouts with sailboats on them. They were easy (but time-consuming) to make. You just wrap the silverware in a blue napkin and tie some string (in my case we got blue and white) around it with a lifesaver. The little cutout was just placed into the back of the lifesaver.

The Brooches

broochaimee mom dad and big sister brooches

These were something my mom ordered from a local party business. They made a huge brooch for me! Just look at that massive thing! lol, They made a cute smaller one for my daughter (you can tell she was bored while we were setting up). Another medium sized one for my husband. And a whole basket full of little mini ones for the guests. Some places can customize them for you and put the baby’s name or the baby shower date on it. It was a cute little souvenir of the baby shower.

The Cake and Presents

cake cake presents

So I forgot that I needed to decorate the cake and presents table.. oops. But in the end, I think it really didn’t matter and it looked gorgeous anyway. The cake was made by the Mom of my childhood friend. Do you want to hear a funny story? The cake was three layers but it fell over in her car, so we still ate all three layers, but we only got two to stack up together. After all, it doesn’t really matter how it looks (it still looked pretty awesome!) it matters how it tastes!


 The Invitations

invitations outside invitations back invitations

You were probably wondering, Hey, how did people know you were having a baby shower? Or not… but I am going to answer that question anyway! My good friend and coworker got me in contact with her mom who has a really cool business. She does all sorts of personalized things. She gave me the hook up with the invites. Totally cute and unique. The best part is they are super affordable. You can find them on Instagram MilaAlexandria_Designs.


Check out my Pinterest page for the original pins that inspired my baby shower. Share in the comments below your baby shower experience and the fun things you did. Or other DIY projects you did for your shower. My biggest tip for a successful baby shower is to just have fun. Don’t sweat the small stuff, just enjoy living in the moment. You are beautiful and expecting a wonderful little person. Enjoy it. Even though pregnancy might seem to last forever… trust me I know, it’s going to go by fast and soon you are going to be raising a cute little chubby baby.


Special Thanks to Debbie at Photography By Debra Jane Snyder for all my wonderful baby shower pictures!