Easy Kid Craft For Easter For Under $15

So I love decorating for all holidays. But most of the time I won’t bother because it can get expensive. With little kids, I don’t like to put anything too elaborate because it will end up broken. But since I wanted to do a craft with my daughter I came up with a real easy kid friendly project.  And the best part is that it was less than $15 dollars.

easy easter kkid craft

The great part of this project is that you can really incorporate learning into it. My 6-year-old was making patterns with the eggs. My friends 1-year-old was identifying colors. They had fun with the easter crinkle paper. It can get messy (trust me, it did, I had to vacuum after) but hey, kids love making messes. And paper can’t stain my carpet so I’m good with that.


What You Will Need

  1. A medium sized styrofoam wreath. ($6.99)
  2. Plastic Easter eggs ( 2 @ $2)
  3. Easter Crinkle Paper ($2)
  4. Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks (already had at home)
  5. Wooden eggs and/or cross (4 @ $.49 each)
  6. Markers (already had at home)

Total for Project $14.95


  1. Start by using the hot glue and stick the plastic rings on the inside first. You may want to also glue the eggs shut.start of easter wreath
  2. Continue gluing the eggs all around the top and outside of the wreath.
  3. Put hot glue into all nooks and crannies. If you wait a few moments the glue will be cool enough so that your child can help adding paper strips around. (My daughter loved this messy part)
  4. completed easter wreath
  5. If you have any other decorations you can glue them wherever you (or your kids) choose. My daughter really wanted some “bunny ribbon” so I had to purchase it but I did not include it in the total. So my advice is to just go buy the stuff without the kids.

Here is a look at the final product

I love how it looks kid made. The kiddos were super proud of their work and had fun making it.

easter wreath

kid easter craft

So remember how I said just go get the materials for the craft by yourself. Yeah. We also had to get them these easter masks and bunny ears for them the day we made this. They had fun coloring their masks. And I am going to have my daughter wear those ears on Easter. lol

Do you have any other fun and easy Easter crafts that you do with your kiddos? Let me know in the comments below!