About Us

About Monica

I am a mom of two beautiful kids and a third one up in heaven. I have a full-time job in addition to this blog and my regular mom duties. I love to read when I have some time, and I try to take the kiddos to the library as often as I can. I’ve actually been a couponer for the better part of the last 7 years and I have fun trying to build a stockpile (which I never can because friends and family raid it lol), and I love to try to show my friends how to save. I also like to make puns and cheesy jokes, and I try to stay “hip” by using words other 25-year-olds use like “slay” and “bae”.

I’ve been called a bad mom for losing weight too fast, and then again when I gained weight. I’ve been called a bad mom for staying home, and then again for going to work. They said I was a bad mom for taking my whole allowance of maternity leave. And then again because I went back to work. I was a bad mom when I put my kid in daycare, and again when I took her out. I was a bad mom (and wife) when my husband and I worked opposite schedules. And I was a bad mom when we started a business and worked the same hours.

I for one am tired of being criticized for everything and by everyone. We all need to accept others and spread the love. We all are dealing with secret struggles. We need to be the change in the world. I am hoping that by starting this blog we bad moms will have a platform to support others and create an accepting community. And let’s not forget our most important job, to raise these little munchkins into respectable tolerant adults.

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