Chicken and Ranch Mason Jar Salad

This is one of my favorite new ways to prepare lunch for the week ahead of time. And it’s relatively inexpensive. You can put in the veggies you like and leave out the ones you don’t like, and it’s super quick too, especially if you buy the prepackaged stuff. Even though we all know it’s better to do it yourself. But some weeks I really have no time to do it. I choose my battles carefully lol. And saving time is always a win for me.

1. Wash your veggies.


2. Chop them up.

Chopped veggies

3. Get your Mason Jars

First, add a couple tablespoons of the dressing. I like ranch (you can substitute a low or no calorie ranch dressing) I’m trying to try new ones or opt in for olive oil based dressings. There are lots of opportunities to play around with these to keep it exciting. (Ok so salads aren’t really exciting but they can be yummy lol)

Ranch and veggies

4. Start layering your veggies.

Use the ones that have a higher water volume so they don’t get soggy. (Like cucumbers… here is a fun song about cucumbers and their benefits. Trust me you’ll love it)

CucumberCucumbers and peppers Onions

5. Add your protein

Here I add chicken. But I’ve also added diced ham or a sliced hard boiled egg in the past. Or you can mix a combination of whichever you prefer. You can also add nuts and seeds if you would rather have a meatless option.

Chicken and ranch

6. Add the Lettuce.

The lettuce goes on top. I like to get the premixed bags with extra veggies. (I feel so healthy lol) It’s important that whatever lettuce you use is completely dry. It’s not fun to have a soggy salad.

LettuceMason salad

7. Close and Store.

Close them up tight and store them upright (yay that rhymed!) in your fridge. Make sure when you take it to work you have it in a lunchbox that won’t tip over. They last a week, and sometimes longer depending on how fresh your veggies are.

Mason jar salad
Price for 6 lunches ~ $20

Total time to prepare this ~ 15 minutes

How do you prep for your week? Do you have any nom nom recipes? Did you like this post? Please share and discuss in the comments below!