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EP#3 | The Weight Loss Struggle

the mom life

This episode we talk all about our weight loss struggle after having kids. It’s tough and we all know the only real way is to diet and exercise. But even though we know, Amber and I have tried lots of other methods. Some ending with hilarious results. There’s lots of pressure in society to lose all the baby weight. We try, but we are happy with who we are. Listen in to find out what we have done in the hopes of dropping a few pounds.

EP#2 | Review of Gone Girl, 50 Shades, Kids Crying, and Drunk Texts

the mom life

The Bad Mom Duo is back this week reviewing Gone Girl. All while trying to have the kids play nice during their play date. We also talk about drinking after you weaned your baby off breastfeeding. If you’re not breastfeeding you could play this drinking game while listening to this Podcast. Rules: Take one shot (or sip) everytime we say “Like” or “Yea”. Actually… no, don’t do that. You will probably, most certainly die. So yea, don’t. Just say no to drinking games. Especially this one. Anyway. If you would also like to read our review you can check it out here. Don’t forget to like, rate, and subscribe! And comment below what you would like for us to discuss next time.

EP #1: The Mom Life, Adulting, Infertility, Renting, and Pets

the mom life

The first Podcast in our weekly series all about the Mom life. As two working Moms we have learned (mostly the hard way) how to juggle everything and then some. We recount our experiences and how we made it through. We have lots of fun while discussing lighter topics, and get serious when we are talking about the real issues. Tune in to see how we try to win at the #momlife. Make sure to check out our blog.