Book Club | Gone Girl

For the first edition of our BMC book club, we are reviewing Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. We read the book and watched the movie! If you ever had a feeling your detailed planning made you seem psycho, trust me your not. This book has lots of twists and turns and I felt like I got blindsided by some events. The spoilers are coming!

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So I hate reading reviews that are longer than the book itself. This is going to be pretty short and summarized. And filled with my own crazy commentary.

The Book

It starts off with Nick Dunne describing his relationship with his wife Amy. Every chapter switches from Nick talking to us, to a chapter from Amy’s personal diary. Amy has disappeared and everyone is pointing the finger at Nick. There are some parts that are kind of stagnant, but the book picks up once Nick tells you the reader about his affair. At that point, I was like “Dammit Nick! Why did you do it I was starting to like you!”.

But my perception changed once I found out that Amy… was still alive. Like wtf Amy? Like yea, I understand being cheated on sucks but really? Faking your own murder/kidnapping/pregnancy? Who dafuq does that? Amy. That’s who.

Long story short. Nick ends up on some tv show similar to Nancy Grace, asking Amy to come home because through her little treasure hunt she left him, he figures out she had planned this whole thing out. Amy sees it and tries to figure out how to come back home. That’s where her weird ex-boyfriend comes in. Does she make it home? Does she go to jail for faking her own homicide? I won’t spoil it all for you 😉

The Movie

The movie was great and definitely worth watching. I watched it with my Husband and Amber (my podcast cohost) and the whole time they were freaked out by how far Amy went.

What the fuck?


The general consensus was that Amy is psycho. My husband enjoyed the movie, so it’s definitely something you could watch as a date night flick. If that’s what you guys are into. There isn’t as much X-rated situations as in the book.

But there were parts of the movie I had to explain to them so they could fully understand. The book definitely conveys the emotions of the couple (estranged couple?) better.

My Suggestion

I gave the book  4 out of 5 stars on Goodreads. The book was a lot longer than it needed to be, and it took me a while to finish. But it’s still a really great story.

If you like reading and can get through some irritating parts and some stagnant ones before it gets into the more suspenseful parts, then you should read the book first. You can get an ebook here and start reading now.

But if you feel you don’t have the time for reading and your just looking for a good movie to watch, this is a good fit. You can get a copy of the DVD, or rent it here.
What books are you reading? What book would you like for us to review next? Did you like this book? Let us know in the comments below!