Why You Should Have A Birth Photographer During Your Labor And Delivery

Hiring a birth photographer has become more and more popular in recent years. I have even seen photo contests for the best birth photography. These types of photographs are still subject to some controversy, but I find them to be beautiful. Although I didn’t have a birth photographer for my first child, I was lucky enough to have one for my second. There were so many beautiful moments that are now documented forever. Read down below to see my birth photos and why you should consider a birth photographer.


When the day comes you never know how it will be. Maybe you will know what day you are going to be induced, or your physician has scheduled a c-section. Maybe you will start having contractions and rush to the hospital. Either way, I’m sure you and your significant other will be nervous and excited and feel every other emotion in between. No matter how long you have been planning out the details or making a birth plan, sometimes things will go differently than you imagined. Most likely you will forget to take in the little things and notice the details. That’s when a birth photographer comes in to save the day. They are professional and know what to do throughout the birth. They will make sure to take pictures of small details of your big day. These details are some of my favorites.

room number



contraction monitor



Birth photographers capture the genuine emotions of the moment. When you have your friends or family taking pictures, most of the time they will have you pose or let you know before they take the pictures. Birth photographers will too, but they will also quietly be the fly on the wall and capture very intimate moments. They will get the nervous looks on your significant other. And capture the pained look on your face when you are having contractions. Luckily I had an epidural when I neared the end of labor so I only look uncomfortable lol. When you have someone sitting in the corner always pointing the camera you end up getting used to it and forgetting that you’re being photographed.

nervous dad


The Birth

One of the biggest differences in my two births was that having a birth photographer helped calm my anxiety. I’m a control freak and wanted my husband to take pictures a certain way. Since I wanted to squeeze and rip off, hold my husband’s hand, he would be at a weird angle to take a good picture of the baby coming out. Our birth photographer took the most beautiful pictures and followed the baby as the nurses were cleaning him up. While we were able to just simply enjoy the moment, our photographer was taking amazing pictures of us meeting our bundle of joy.


first time seeing baby

taking baby's prints


handing baby over

meeting baby

mom holding baby

If you live in the Central Florida area and would like to use the same birth photographer we used, you can visit her facebook page here.  Thanks again to Photography by Debra Jane Snyder. Photos are courtesy of Photography by Debra Jane Snyder. She is absolutely wonderful and a great photographer (and nurse!). Thank you for providing us with these lifelong memories.


  1. Berlin | 2nd May 17

    As a fellow photographer, I absolutely agree! Beautiful photographs by the way, you have a wonderful eye!

    • Monica | 2nd May 17

      Thank you! The photos were all by Photography by Debra Jane Snyder. 😊 check her Facebook page out for more wonderful sessions

  2. Anastasha | 2nd May 17

    Aww very beautiful photos, and congrats on the new baby.

  3. Meg | 2nd May 17

    I have never had a child but I think it’s a lovely way to capture such a special moment – and a way that you are always reminded of that moment when you look at candid, unstaged photos. Your pictures capture the moment so authentically.

    • Monica | 2nd May 17

      Thank you so much 😊

  4. Dylan | 2nd May 17

    This is great idea. There aren’t many things you’d want forever photos of but this is definitely one of them.

  5. John | 3rd May 17

    Such a great idea! Congrats on the new baby!

  6. Kurline Altes | 4th May 17

    WOW, such lovely pics. I didn’t realize that having a birth photographer was so popular. I’m happy to know that, as I am always sharing ideas with others. I really enjoyed this, I actually felt emotional looking at the pics. Congrats!

    • Monica | 4th May 17

      Thank you! 😊 I love these pictures, with my first child all the photos were so staged and came out so bad lol

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