5 Ways To Balance Life As A Working Mom

Having to be a working mom isn’t easy, ( and neither is being a SAHM, but we will get into that in another post) having to go out into the world and work just adds another dimension of responsibilities and stresses. But there are a few simple ideas you can try to find some balance and avoid getting overwhelmed

I have a full-time job which requires me to work 12-hour shifts at least three times a week. I work in a local emergency room and it definitely can get stressful, but that is to be expected. If I work during weekdays then I also have to drop off my daughter at school, come back home and try to get ready to go in while attending my 6-month-old and doing the household chores.

If you’re like me then you know how quickly all your to-dos can build up and cause the anxiety to creep in. So I’ve made the following list with what I personally have done to help me stay in control. Because we all know adulting is hard.

Cut back hours at work

So I know this is going to sound crazy but it actually really helped me out. I was working four to five 12-hour shifts a week because I thought that the extra money would help us pay our debt and get ahead. Well, I was wrong not only was I exhausted, I had to pay more money for aftercare, babysitters, car rides home, lunch at school and work, etc. When I finally sat down and calculated it I was basically making the same that I was before.
So I went back to working three 12-hour shifts, and yes the smaller check made me feel a bit disappointed, but I felt so much happier. I had more time to actually spend with my kids, do fun projects, and take them out to cool places.
I started having a tighter household budget to help turn less money into more. I do not regret my decision one bit, now I spend more time with my kids, and I have a little time left over for myself! #momwin

Do One Small Household Task Everyday

I remember I would plan out one day a week where I would tell myself “I’m gonna catch up on cleaning the whole house, that way I can spend my other day off relaxing with the kiddos.”. But that would never pan out the way I wanted.
Instead, I found that if I forced myself (usually unwillingly lol) to do at least one household chore every day I would have fewer chores to do when I did have off.

Pack The Same Lunch For You and Your Child

If you are already packing a lunch for your child, why not go ahead and pack yourself a similar adult size lunch? You will be able to relax more during your lunch break and not have to stress about lines at fast food places, or the traffic both ways. Also saving a little money by bringing your own lunch is another incentive.

Take A Day Off To Actually Relax

Ok, so I am guilty of not being able to follow this tip but it is very important. Living in the Central Florida area we are spoiled and have lots of fun places to get away for a day or a weekend. And even though I would love to stop by Disney, the whole packing kids stuff, dealing with the tired and hangry kids, round trip drive stresses me out.
Take a day to relax, send the kids to grandma’s house, Netflix and chill, or just sleep in.

Socialize With Co-workers Outside Of Work

In my area of work we rarely have the time to socialize, we work in a critical care environment and in a constant race against the clock. I really enjoy getting to know my co-workers, and I even met some of my now best friends at work. Go out to lunch with them (or dinner/breakfast depending on what hours you work) and get to know them. It is also a good way to network and learn about new opportunities to climb the ladder at work.
Do you have tips on how to balance your personal life and work life? Comment below and let’s discuss! Feel free to share this with your friends and co-workers.