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November 30, 2017

Getting Back On Track

Long time no see!

I’ve been a little busy diving into new ventures these past couple of months, but I’m back to tell you that I will be on a more consistent schedule with blog postings. Head over to my Twitch to check out what I’m doing on a daily basis now. I’m moving in the next couple of weeks into a slightly bigger place (one more room yis!) so that I can have my own office and streaming room.

Also, some other changes have happened while I was away. I began homeschooling my oldest kiddo, and I’m a work at home mommy now. These transitions have been tough, and dedicating a large portion of my day to streaming is also difficult when I already have so much to do. But I’m constantly getting better at the juggling act we call life, and soon I’m sure I will be able to manage a lot more.

Once we move, and all the craziness around the holidays dies down, I should be on a more permanent schedule. I’m going to consistently try to work ahead and beat deadlines I set for myself. My friend and collaborator on this site Amber is about to have a baby in the next couple of weeks so we will be able to revive our podcast soon. We also will be living a lot closer one I move so expect to be seeing a lot more of our collabs.

And with this update I will leave you guys the link to my latest YouTube video. It took me almost a year to post because it was so embarrassing, but it’s too funny not to share. Enjoy!